The Purest Pint From Home!

Glanola North America Automated Beverage Line Cleaning System
Tapping Into the US Market
August 10, 2013
Houston, we have a problem!
July 29, 2015

You wouldn’t think a well known commercial beer could be inconsistent in quality or a craft beer poor in taste. But that’s where you’d be wrong – well, kind of!

“There is often a dramatic difference in consistency and quality from the keg to the tap and chances are it’s the result of contaminated beer lines,” says David Buckley. And he should know, as a brewer, publican and now – a beer line cleaning advocate, with a mission. “Historically, cleaning beer lines is inconvenient, time consuming, messy and expensive,” he said, “or at least it was.”

That’s where the innovative Glanola line cleaning system comes in. The patented system, housed in a small stainless steel cabinet, is an automated beer line cleaner that allows any bar to easily clean beer lines, individually or together, the moment a keg is empty or at any time a publican wishes – even during working hours! The nine minute clean is automated and removes the many previous drawbacks of the task whilst ensuring that the customer is actually getting what they paid for, thus confirming the company’s slogan – ‘as the brewer intended and the customer expects!’

TheBoysBuckley, and his two business partners; Dermot Bolger and Philip Wynne, all natives of Ireland but residing in Newburyport, MA, came across the Glanola system while on a trip back home where the systems are built.

Upon seeing it in operation they couldn’t believe how efficient and easy it was to operate. Shortly thereafter, they installed the system in their own taverns around the Boston North Shore: The Port Tavern, (Newburyport), Grumpy Doyle’s (Reading) and The Waterside Tap & Grille (Methuen).

Within a month, it was clear that they had greatly reduced their waste, and vastly improved their quality – creating a win-win for both publican and customers alike!

At this point, the trio decided to bring the product ‘over the pond’ and established Glanola North America, based in Newburyport, MA. Since then they have sold / installed close to 75 systems between Boston and New York, with a couple of strategic locations in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Their customer base ranges from taverns and restaurants to hotels and casinos but has been kept deliberately small to start. Says Bolger ‘We took a conscious decision to limit and focus our initial roll out so as to become totally familiar with the system as a new supplier.” He went on to say, “now that we have the necessary installation and field experience, and have also hired and trained a dedicated staff, we can begin a larger scale roll out going further afield.”

Since it’s introduction in North America at the start of last year, bar owners are lining up to learn more about the system.

Steve Slesar, owner of the Noon Hill Grill in Medfield, MA (and one of the original founders of The Boston Beer Works), was one of the first publicans to grasp the opportunity.  Says Slesar, “Our draft beer looks better, tastes fresher and our beer cost has decreased because we aren’t wasting beer anymore. I’m so happy that we are cleaning our draft lines now the Glanola way.”

And from New York’s stylish Banc and White Oak Tavern, Mark Fox couldn’t say enough about the quality of the Glanola system.

“The Glanola system approached automated beer line cleaning from a fresh perspective. The Glanola system offered the opportunity to reduce waste when cleaning and the ability to clean the beer lines whenever the keg emptied. The system is very easy to operate. As a multi venue operator it is a great benefit to receive an email when a line is cleaned which guarantees me that the task is being performed as promised by my management team. From a cost perspective by reducing waste alone, the system pays for itself.”

Clearly, the three boys are onto something special but more importantly they enjoy what they do and are delighted to have introduced a product from home. Says Wynne, “There’s simply no greater network for the Irish diaspora than the Irish pub. If we can make that environment, or rather the taste, that bit more authentic then we will have been a success.”

~ Published in the Irish Cental and Irish Emigrant Newspapers on July 13, 2015