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GNA introduced automated beer line cleaning to North America.


Established in 2013 as a joint venture between Irish based Glanola Holdings Limited and the GNA President; David H. Buckley. GNA became an independent company at the end of 2014, holding the exclusive rights to sell the patented GHL Linemaster system within North America. Eighteen months later, GNA purchased the Linemaster patent outright.

In 2016, GNA released its newly designed Linemaster ‘XL’ – the most innovative automated beer line cleaning system in the market.

GNA believes strongly in the philosophy of making life simple through innovation. As a result, a large portion of our budget goes into research and development. Our systems – all made in the USA – are built to last with new improvements and complimentary products constantly in development.

GNA is leading the way bars can offer a ‘consistently authenticate’ taste and reduce or even eliminate waste!

    The Grafton Group
  • “We are a Boston based tavern group focused on quality cuisine and craft beers only. We installed our first GNA Linemaster two years ago and are delighted with the results and convenience of the system. We now have 6 systems operating throughout our group and consider it to be a fundamental piece of equipment for any new location.”
    The Grafton Group

David H. Buckley, Founder & President
David Baum | Dominic Jude | Christopher Smurfit

GNA brings better tasting beer and higher profits to bars across the continent with it's patented Linemaster System.

Winner of the Irish Pubs Global Innovation Award for it's groundbreaking contribution to the brewing industry.
    The Port Tavern
  • "We are very proud of the fact that we were the first bar in the USA to install a GNA Linemaster System. We have operated our system for over four years and use all three cleaning techniques. Our favorite is the single line clean which allows us to save beer in the line and also allows us to easily clean at each keg change - even on nights we are running at capacity. Our customers have noticed the difference in quality, the result of which has been increased sales and a happy clientele."
    The Port Tavern
    Abbie Pierce, General Manager