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The unique and patented Linemaster System from GNA, allows the bar owner / operator to efficiently clean lines – individually or grouped – as often as they wish in an efficient and none intrusive manner (even during working hours!) while conforming to all new regulatory requirements.

The system also offers the bar owner invaluable reporting features which can be customized to meet their own specific needs. GNA is proud to offer the Linemaster and Linemaster ‘XL’ with complete IOS compatibility. In fact, all our systems are now FULLY accessible and operational via ANY mobile / tablet device using our new friendly ‘GNA APP’. The result of which is significantly reduced waste and vastly improved quality leading to greater sales / profitability, not to mention an increased understanding of their operations leading to greater piece of mind.

Color Change Detergent

GNA’s proprietary detergent will change color (from purple to green) in the presence of bacteria. It will change back to purple once the line is clean, thus giving you peace of mind - can your lines be seen to be clean?

Perlick 630 Series – Beer Faucets

GNA recommends the use of Perlick 630 Series, forward sealing beer faucets. The revolutionary ball and floating front seal design prevents beer from being exposed to air. As a result, the handle doesn’t stick, and there is no build up of mold and bacteria in the faucet body .

GNA's easy to use system and exceptional service ensure
you’re ready to clean at your convenience!

STEP 1 | A GNA technician will install your Linemaster System and train your staff to operate the system.
STEP 2 | When a line(s) need to be cleaned, simply connect the keg sankey(s) to a GNA coupler.
STEP 3 | Then, attach our quick connect hose to the line tap(s) you want to clean.
STEP 4 | Finally, use your mobile device to activate and report the clean.
    NYC Best Bars Group
  • "Our group uses the GNA Linemaster in all 8 of our bars, with each location using the cleaning procedure they prefer. At The Stumble Inn, we clean after each keg kicks and now save the beer we used to waste."
    NYC Best Bars Group

Three cleaning procedures in one system!

Click each image to see how they work.

Single Line Clean

Multi Line Clean

Circulating Clean
    Wamesit Lanes
  • "We came across the Linemaster at a trade show and were immediately intrigued. We decided to try it and have been running the system for 3 months. Based upon our experience to date, we are on track to save over $30,000 this year. What a find - we love it!"
    Wamesit Lanes
    Jay Caswell, Facility Manager