Glanola North America, Inc. is the premiere supplier of automated beer line cleaning systems nationwide.

The smart, compact and patented Linemaster System allows customers to clean one line or multiple lines at any time - even during working hours - with a quick and efficient nine minute clean. Due to the unique beer dispense feature, customers also have the ability to greatly reduce and even eliminate waste by saving beer in the line. In addition, it is the only way to ensure a truly authentic tasting product after each 'keg kick' - even when there's a brand change - and that's a fact!

The Linemaster System also offers the ability to perform an in-line 'looping or circulating' clean similar to manual cleaning methods. This clean is performed outside working hours and is perfect for larger bars, i.e. over 36 taps, where speed of clean is the biggest factor.

The ease of operation and comprehensive reporting software - which goes straight to your phone - has made the Linemaster System a favored choice for bar owners and manual line cleaning companies (who have found it more efficient to install and operate at customer sites). Therefore, if you operate a draft beer dispensing bar - be it a tavern, restaurant, sports venue, hotel, casino or even a ship that has 3 to 100+ taps, then our system will work for you!

The patented Linemaster System is available to rent at an attractive rate which will save you money - not to mention, increase your quality and improve your sales. In addition, we offer discounted rates to bar groups or existing line cleaning companies. What are you waiting for?


Customer Spotlight

The Beer Authority, one of New York City's leading craft beer bars, cleans over 100 beer lines with the Linemaster System ensuring an authentic taste!

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From brewers and publicans...

Praise pours in for the Linemaster System.

"As a producer of premium craft beers, we recommend the GNA line cleaning system to all of the bars that serve our product. A clean line ensures that our beer is served to the same standard it was brewed."
Chris Webb - Co Founder, Newburyport Brewing Company

"Our draft beer looks better, tastes fresher and our beer cost has decreased. I'm so happy we are cleaning the GNA way."
Steve Slesar - Owner, Noon Hill Grill

"The Linemaster System offered us the opportunity to eliminate waste when cleaning and the ability to clean the beer lines whenever the keg emptied. The system is very easy to operate. As a multi venue operator it is a great benefit to receive an email when a line is cleaned which guarantees me that the task is being performed as promised by my management team."
Mark Fox - Owner, Banc Cafè and The White Oak Tavern

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